Sarah Cooke

A picture of Sarah Cooke taken during our calendar shoot.

Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, however in 2019 the cancer had spread to other parts of her body.

Maureen Wallis

Maureen Wallis

My primary cancer was diagnosed in 2012, secondary in 2020.

Ann Whitworth

Ann was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2017, over 10 years since her primary diagnosis.

Tracey Sherwood

Tracey Sherwood, one of our secondary members

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer, before my secondary diagnosis in 2019.

Jo Meftah

Jo during our calendar shoot, posing with flowers.

On November 12th, 2011 a day after my birthday I found a rather large lump in my right boob.

Ruth – Living with cancer through a pandemic

Ruth Hemmingway on a walk

Turning 42 was supposed to be the best year of my life. A lifelong Douglas Adams fan, this was supposed to be ‘my year’. Instead not only do I get a life-threatening health condition, but I also have to go through treatment during a pandemic. I must really have upset a higher power in a […]


Hello, I’m Carey, I was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram in April 2018.

Linda Jones

I’m Linda Jones but always been known as Lin!. I was diagnosed on 22nd July 2019 with inverted ductal carcinoma left breast cancer.


I’m Lucie, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, at the age of 35.


My name is Clare and I am 49-years old. I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in May of 2015.