Our Events

Until further noticed all events have been transferred to online meeting sessions

However you can still access the Facebook Private Group, Secondary Group or just the Facebook Page.

We are running remote sessions using the free Zoom app where possible

You can see the full list here in our latest newsletter: August 2020 Newsletter.

February Events

All of these events will be on the Facebook Group events page but if you are not on Facebook please send an email to the respective organiser to obtain the Zoom link. Until further notice, we will run the following events on the same day each week, but this can be subject to change.
Please contact Leonie for each Over Power session link.


Bedtime Story, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Get the hot drinks ready and contact Jules for more information.


Pilates, 10:30am - 11:30am
A nice low impact exercise to help the muscles with Aligned Pilates, contact Leonie for the Zoom link.


Chair Based Exercise, 11:30am-12pm
After a successful pilot, we are now offering this gentle and low-impact class.!
Contact Jules for more information.


Coffee Afternoon, 2pm - 3:30pm (TBC)
A virtual meet up round Kazzie's house, you will need to make your own coffee and cake and now fortnightly.


Mindfulness Relaxation, 1pm - 2pm
Time to chill out and relax, contact Jules for the Zoom link.



Book Club, 10am 28th Only
Discussion of last month's book and also the selection of the new title, contact Lucy for more information

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