Advice & Support

In Northampton we are lucky to have some amazing charities providing support to those who need it most. Of course, we are here to support you too, so feel free to reach out to us.

Below are some useful links for charities and organisations that may be able to provide support or help to you following a Breast Cancer diagnosis.

Local Cancer Support

The Lewis Foundation

The Lewis Foundation aims to provide comfort and happiness to cancer patients receiving cancer treatment on Talbot Butler Ward at Northampton General Hospital. This is achieved by providing patients with a variety of gift packs and whilst these items may not, at face value, seem important, when on the ward they can be very important.

Dunstone Bennett Complementary Centre

Aiming to positively support mind & body through the cancer journey, the DB Centre is open to anyone being treated at Northampton General Hospital, aged 18 or over & their loved ones and carers, at any stage of the cancer journey. It is the aim of the DB Centre to provide a safe, empathetic and professional environment for all its clients. All therapists are completely aware of the importance of a holistic and positive approach to the journey through cancer.

The Lighthouse Centre

The Lighthouse Centre is a complementary therapy unit offering holistic therapies for people with long term conditions and cancers in their own home. The centre is patient orientated with the patients needs at the centre of any therapy or treatment that is prescribed. The Lighthouse Centre is run by nurses and health care staff who have a wealth of experience behind them to ensure that the best possible treatment is identified and given to each patient, with the patients' personal needs at the centre of any treatment chosen.

Support Organisations

Willow Foundation

Willow Foundation

For all those living with a life threatening illness, every day deserves to be treated as precious. The pressures of diagnosis, treatment and recovery can have a devastating effect on work and family life. Willow aims to redress the balance: providing unique and unforgettable Special Days, for adults 40 and under, tailored to their needs. Every effort is made to ensure a stress free, seamless experience, not just meeting but exceeding their expectations.
Penny Brohn

Penny Brohn

Being diagnosed with cancer can challenge every aspect of life, turning everything you know upside down. Through our Bristol Whole Life Approach, we’ve helped thousands of people discover how to live rich and full lives with cancer, and to take back control of their health. We have the knowledge and understanding to help you manage the impact of cancer in every area of your life, no matter what type of cancer you have or at what stage you come to us. We run a range of services including courses, groups and individual therapies designed to help you feel better and live better with cancer, its treatments and side effects.
Something To Look Forward To

’Something To Look Forward To’

A charity website for people with cancer and their families to access a variety of gifts generously donated by people and companies. Find anything from restaurant meals, hotel stays, beauty treatments, tickets for events and attractions.