My name is Clare and I am 49-years old. I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in May of 2015.

The right side was: 19mm grade 3 ER-negative PR Negative, HER2 positive invasive ductal carcinoma, and the left side was 22mm grade two lobular carcinoma.  I have had to have four previous lumpectomies over the years.

I first went in for a biopsy, five hours and nine biopsies later I knew that I had cancer.

I had both breasts removed and reconstructed, followed by 30 days of radiotherapy and 18 months of Herceptin. The day my first chemotherapy was cancelled my baby granddaughter arrived. She is now five and a half years old now.  She is a bundle of joy and was my tonic and guardian angel through it all.

I value every day and year and the smaller things in life.