Ann Whitworth

Here is a little information about my breast cancer story.

I was first diagnosed with primary breast cancer grade 3 in February 2006 after finding a lump in my left breast when I was 58-years-old.

My course of treatment was to have a lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy and then radiotherapy.  I was then prescribed Arimidex for the next five years. After the treatment, I was very fit and well and was able to attend the gym and go swimming whilst always walking regularly.

However, in 2017 whilst on holiday abroad I had developed a really chesty cold and was quite unwell.  On returning home to the UK I consulted my GP as I had a persistent cough.  After several prescriptions for antibiotics/ear drops etc I was referred to Northampton General Hospital and had chest x-rays and had an appointment with the chest consultant. 

The scans showed a small presence of cancer in the base of my spine, lymph nodes, and lung cavities.  I was referred back to breast care oncology as the diagnosis was secondary breast cancer.

Since then I have been prescribed tamoxifen and having regular CT (Computed tomography) scans and blood tests with oncologist appointments firstly every six months and more recently every 3 months. 

The cancer has been quite controlled but can never be cured, with a slight increase at each oncology visit.  

If you are in Northampton and need to talk to someone about secondary cancer please message us on our secondary support group; Living With, Living Well.