Contents of a Breast Friends Northamptonshire Chemotherapy bag

What goes into a Chemotherapy bag?

We support members who are about to begin their chemotherapy treatment by sending them (post-COVID) a box in the post that contains items that can help aid their recovery. Each bag costs roughly £50 to produce and send out in the post and it is paid for completely by donations that the charity receives.

Sometimes the best way to show you is by video so one of our volunteers, Lucy kindly agreed to go through the items that we would include in a typical chemotherapy bag.

For reference, here is the list, where possible there is a link so you can see the product we use.

Pink fleece blanket
Fluffy socks
Lavender microwavable heat pouch
Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Nail file
Rimmel Nail Polish
Water Bottle (BPA free)
Hand cream
Eye Brow Kit
Peppermint Tea
Fold Up Fan
BFN Pin Badge