My name is Fiona. I was diagnosed in September 2019 with Triple positive breast cancer.   

I had gone out on a rare girls’ night to a little Italian and ate a lovely prawn risotto and a few glasses of Rosa. I woke up at about 2 am and just threw up as I had never been sick before. I jumped in the shower and noticed an indent in my right breast. My first thought was how much did I drink, is my mind is playing tricks on me? I went back to bed, but couldn’t sleep and then decided I really should check my breast. To my horror, I found a lump!!

Three weeks later it was confirmed that I had breast cancer. My operation was planned for my husband’s birthday and also the fifth anniversary of a dear friend who had passed away from breast cancer. I said to the Surgeon “you have to be joking right?“. His reply; “no dear you do have Breast  Cancer, have the treatment and get on with the rest of your life“.

My husband and I left the Forrest Centre in tears. What were we going to tell our children and the rest of the family? We decided to keep quiet about it until we knew what my full treatment plan was. Although my children are not silly, my son even asked me if I had quit my job as I was off work!

Once we received my full treatment plan, which was surgery, Chemotherapy, Herceptin, and Radiotherapy we then told the family. They have been amazing but scared. I actually didn’t find the Chemotherapy to be bad but the radiotherapy was awful and did get extremely burnt.

I feel as if I’m one of the lucky ones as my treatment continued through COVID-19. Last week my first mammogram was clear. We will party when we can.