Louise Linnett

I’m Louise, I was diagnosed in 2014 with grade 2 HER2 positive breast cancer. Cancer turned my world upside down.

I found my lump one morning while getting dressed. I went into work and told a colleague/friend who insisted I rang the doctors straight away. It was the week before Christmas. I was told it was probably a cyst and not to worry, I  would get an appointment with the breast clinic in the new year. 

After a mammogram and a biopsy I was told I had breast cancer (I had joked in the waiting room I hadn’t got time to be ill and I felt fine, it would be okay, how wrong was I!).

A whirlwind of appointments followed with a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, a blood clot, more chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and then finally Herceptin. I don’t really remember much about that year but was definitely glad when it was over.

I had two teenage boys and we just tried to keep things as normal as we could for them. I don’t know how many tears were shed and along the way I lost a few friends and found some invaluable ones.

Having that diagnosis has changed my life, I enjoy each day and love going somewhere new. I take more care of my health and worry less about things that I cannot change.

My one piece of advice would be: Check your boobs, it IS important!